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Carrying on business in Tire district of İzmir, the region of agriculture and livestock, Tire Özsan Tarım Makinaları San. Ve Tic Ltd. Şti. provides its customers with best service through its sector experience of 49 years. From 1965 to the present, it always offers innovation to its customers by attaching importance to technology and quality. TİRE ÖZSAN has specialized in livestock machinery, and Feed Mixing Machines, Manure Dispersion Trailers and farm equipment, being in the first places on production line, constitute 70% of its manufacture. Additionally, it produces Silage Machines and Agricultural Machine Blades. Engineering and technical staff of TİRE ÖZSAN offer new and proven machines to its customers each year. With its Domestic and Foreign sales network, TİRE ÖZSAN proceeds fast in the agriculture and livestock sector owing to its experience and specialization.